Bowser’s Mushroom Factory

Bowser has a strategy so he could ultimately beat those pesky Mario Bros. If Mario can transform big with a mushroom, why not him …?

Have a look at our latest videos! This was our initial video clip, and the requirement has gone up. See for example Luigi's Quest:

Q. Where did you obtain your […] luxurious?
A. I suggest looking eBay – you'll find basically * any * of them there! For top quality, seek Sanei plushes.

Q. Where do you get the sounds/music?
A. They are taken from a range of Mario video games. Appears can be discovered at websites such as, and also songs via Google searches.

Q. What video editing software application do you utilize?/ How do you put the audios into the video clip?
A. I use CyberLink PowerDirector (Version 11). It's not cost-free, however if you want something that is free, I recommend attempting VideoPad.

Q. Exactly what is this video!?! Why are you having fun with playthings!?!?!
A. My sibling and also I wished to tell a story, and assumed the most hassle-free method of doing this would certainly be via plushes. It's not "having fun with toys"; it's simply producing enjoyment like numerous other people do on YouTube, but with a various tool.

At 2:50, Luigi is meant to be writing in his journal, however it's not extremely apparent the means we revealed it. It's a Paper Mario reference!

COLLECTION: is a playlist with all my main series in the proper order. There's a different playlist for the sewing tutorials.

Checklist of Songs:
0:27 Paper Mario TTYD – Bowser's Theme (based on SMB3 Fortress Theme).
0:38 Super Mario Galaxy – Blue Sky Sports (initially SMB3 athletic style).
0:51 Paper Mario TTYD – Zess T. Cooking.
1:57 Paper Mario – Goomba Town.
2:50 Paper Mario – Pleasant Course.
3:34 Paper Mario – Boos' Manor.
4:11 Mario Kart Wii – Bowser's Castle (intro is variation of SMB castle songs).
4:36, 6:34 Paper Mario TTYD – Super Bowser Bros. World 1-1 (version of SMB primary style).
5:35, 6:20 New SMB Wii – Peach's Castle (originally SM64 Peach's Castle).
6:41 SSB Brawl – Yoshi's Island (initially sports style from SM Globe).
8:17 Mario As well as Luigi: Partners in Time – Threat Style.
9:36 Paper Mario TTYD – Super Bowser Defeated (initially SMB fatality).
The majority of Very Mario songs made up by Koji Kondo; SMG music by Mahito Yokota. All had by Nintendo. Paper Mario rules.