Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea


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Content: 30 Tea Bags/Box

Major Ingredients:

  • Camellia Sinensis (Oolong Tea)
  • Gynostemma Pentaphyllum
  • Cassia Obtusifolia
  • Lingzhi extract.


注:新加坡&文莱市场此产品英文品名为 Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea
A composite tea formulation incorporating 4 ingredients that are uniquely rich in flavour and health-enhancing on their own ways.
Oolong Tea as the finest among all teas is used as the base for aromatic scents and non-bitter taste that are equally ideal when served hot or cold.

Enriched with Lingzhi for its primary benefit of fortifying the immune system, while Cassia Obtusifolia helps enhance the visual functions, detoxify the body, and expel pathogenic heat, whereas Gynostemma Pentaphyllum contributes to relaxing the mind and removing stress.

The tea bag is meticulously sewn with cotton threads to ensure safe and hygienic consumption.



The base of this beverage is Oolong Tea, it also called Camellia Sinensis.

It gives off an aromatic scent and has a non-bitter taste with a golden tinge.

Oolong Tea leaves

Some benefits of Lu Chung Lingzhi include:

  • Increases mental alertness.
  • Sharpens thinking ability.
  • Manages obesity as it has the ability to bring out excessive oil.

• Blended with 4 precious ingredients, namely Lingzhi, Semen Cassiae, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, and Camelia Sinensis.

• Blended with 4 precious ingredients, namely Lingzhi, Semen Cassiae, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, and Camelia Sinensis.


• A composite formulation processed through exclusive techniques to give an uplifting flavor and rich aroma.


• Helps bring multiple health benefits to alleviate inflammation, detoxify, reduce phlegm, Sharpen the eyesight, and more.


• Promotes optimal well being and preserves health,

the ideal beverage to wash down the oiliness in all those heavy meals served during this festivity.


Note: For Singapore and Brunei markets, the product name is Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea

注:新加坡&文莱市场此产品英文品名为 Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea

This functional Lu Chun Lingzhi Plus Tea also contains 3 other ingredients which together, give a uniquely rich flavor in their own ways.

Lingzhi mushroom

Lingzhi / Ganoderma Lucidum benefits alone as shown below:

  • Detoxify and cleanse our body.
  • Regulate our immune system and body functions.
  • Enhance liver protection function.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum

It’s also known as “southern ginseng” as it’s grown in the southern part of China that grows ginseng.

It is consumed and used in similar manner as ginseng. It contains an important component called Saponin (which is also available in ginseng).
  • Help remove phlegm.
  • Moisten the lung and alleviate cough.
  • Gives a calming effect i.e. has the ability to calm down our tense nervous system.
  • Relax the mind and remove stress.
  • Increase body resistance to environmental stress.
  • Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol level.
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Prevent hairloss.
  • Prevent memory loss.

Semen CassiaeSemen Cassiae (a seed of Cassia Obtusifolia)

  • Help expel pathogenic heat / remove “liver fire”. When we take a lot of “acidic food”, meat, or eat out regularly, it builds up a lot of “heat” in the body. This component helps to bring out excessive heat, so you don’t feel so heaty inside.
  • Enhance visual functions; very good to help with glaucoma problem by reducing blood pressure in the eyes and reducing redness and dryness of the eyes.
  • Moisten gastrointestinal tract, improve digestion, bring out gas and improve bloated situation.
  • Encourage smoother bowel movements.

General Benefits / Usage of Tea

  • Excellent antioxidant.
  • Deodorant – get rid of smell. Try putting a used sachet of tea-bag in your shoe cabinet, fridge, pillow etc.
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-virus.
  • Prevent tooth decay.
  • Prevent rise on blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar level.
  • Anti-cancer, radiation and UV rays.