Jia Hor Instant Protein Powder


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Content: 30 Sachets/Box

Major Ingredients: Soya protein isolates, lecithin, calcium caseinate, papain, and bromelin.


  • Soya protein isolates are plant-base proteins that can be readily absorbed (up to 95%) by the human body for utilization, thus reducing the intake of fats and cholesterols.
  • Lecithin helps reduce the build-up of excessive fats in the blood vessels and the liver, in addition to encouraging developmental growth of the brain. It this ideal for pregnant women to ensure healthy development of brain functions in the foetus. At the same time, it also contributes to preventing the onset of senile dementia among the aged.
  • Papain (papaya enzyme) and bromelin (pineapple enzyme) are capable of breaking down the large molecules of proteins into smaller ones to enhance their digestion and assimilation.
  • This exclusive formulation allows you to assimilate all the essential amino acids in one go and keep you fully energized all-day long.

Mix Lacto-berry, Jia Hor Soya Protein and Jia Hor Fibre with water as a weight loss beverage. Gives you sense of fullness and provides high quality protein as well as soluble and in-soluble fibre.


Jia Hor Instant Protein Powder extracted from the annual leguminous soybean plan that has been in the food chain for over 5,000 years, is the only plan-based protein considered to be a high-quality protein, containing all of the essential amino acids in the ratios needed to support growth and development.

The soybean was introduced to the US in the 1880s, and before then was, and still is, a staple of the Asian diet.

Soy is comprised of 30% carbohydrate (15% of this fibre) 38% protein, 18% oil (85% of this unsturated) and 10% moisture. Soy contains all nine essential amino acids, in the perfect ratio for health and well-being.

Soy’s other nutritional functions include providing a respectable amount of potassium, zinc, iron, vitamin E, phosphorous as well as the ful B complex.  Soy protein has high amounts of the amino acids arigine and glutamine.  Arginine is well known as a stimulant of anabolic hormones that stimulate muscle formation, while glutamine is considered essential during metabolic stress.

All of that said, a 2011 report from the North American Menopause Society was far more equivocal in its support of the benefits of soy.

According to the report, “From the hundreds of studies reviewed in this report, there are mixed results of the effects on midlife women.

Soy-based isoflavones are modestly effective in relieving menopausal symptoms; supplements providing higher proportions of genistein or increased in S(-)-equol may provide more benefits. Soy food consumption is associated with lower risk of breast and endometrial cancer in observational studies.

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